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  A book for highly sensitive children    (aged 6 to 10)
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What if your child is highly sensitive?

This book's aim is to help highly sensitive children accept themselves as they are, and learn to appreciate their difference through the story of a highly sensitive little mouse. It will also allow you, the parents, to better understand this personality trait that affects 1 in 5 people.

Let's discover together...

This book can be informative for anyone, but is especially disigned for highly sensitive children (aged 6 to 10) and their families. As parents and children read this story together, a helpful dialogue can be initiated that can facilitate the child's acceptance of is or her differences.

A story to be read, enjoyed, and shared.

I would have loved to have such a book in my hands as a mother of highly sensitive young children. Feeling the lack, I wrote and illustrated this story with the desire to fill this gap. Here is an informative book backed by research with providing an accessible overview of high sensitivity. I hope you will enjoy the discovery of this character trait, witch can also be an asset in life!

Corinne Vonaesch, author of this book.

I am a teacher, a psychologist and... an illustrator. Learning and gaining understanding about high sensitivity has been a great help for me, not only personally but also as a mother. This is why I wanted to write and illustrate a book on this subject. My hope is that it will help other parents and children on their journey through life, and that it will give them some keys, and the beginning of an understanding of this trait of personality.

Alexander, the hero of this book, is unique: not all highly sensitive people are like him. For exemple some are extroverted, others enjoy strong sensations or stimulation. There might be differences, but all have in common high sensitivity. They must learn to manage it and turn it into strength.